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Carnival Week bridges the gap

With the decision to hold off running Ryde Carnival this year – the perfect solution was found to bridge the gap …

Carnival Week saw a Carnival History Exhibition at Department (formerly the Elizabeth Packs building on Cross Street, near the intersection with Union Street) each day from 10am to 3pm.

The Town Square (outside Co-op) was brought to life on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday with live entertainment.

And competitions included the popular Garden in a Wheelbarrow, prizes for the best Kids Costume and contest to Draw a Carnival Costume took place.

The 2021 Ryde Carnival Week programme marked the launch of Waving the Flag, a three year project designed to support the growth and sustainability of Ryde’s much loved annual carnival. Through creative programming and increased opportunities to create props, costumes and floats that relate directly to the town’s heritage, the project will encourage audiences, new and old, to celebrate Ryde’s vibrant carnival traditions.

Despite the cancellation of our annual parades due to Covid-19, Carnival Week went ahead with live events, an exhibition, pop-up cinema and consultation area. The Waving the Flag team wanted to programme as much activity as possible into the HAZ zone, making the most of the public spaces available and driving footfall into the retail area.

Lily George, Carnival Development Worker, said: “It’s been really great to find out how the public feel about Ryde Carnival, which will really help tocreate even better carnivals in years to come and keep Ryde Carnival moving forward, in the hope of it being bigger and better post pandemic.”

Waving the Flag are currently undertaking public consultations regarding Ryde Carnival to help its development in future years. Access to the online questionnaire can be found via the following link: