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Time for change!

Chris Slann, The New Carnival Company

“The Isle of Wight has one of the oldest carnival traditions in the country. When Ryde held the first one in 1887, it was described in the local paper as being a ‘rather bewildering spectacle.’ “My partner Frankie and I...

Aspirations for positive change

Trevor Nicholas, CEO Aspire

“I am an islander born and bred. I grew up in Rookley but my family hails from Ryde going back a couple of generations. I lived on the island until my 20s and I have really good memories of growing...

Ryde's Heritage & History

Cllr Wayne Whittle, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, IW Council

“I love and believe in Ryde - it’s such a lovely place. “I’ve been in business here for the past 25 years and I got involved in local politics when I joined the Ryde Forum as a representative for Ryde...

The HAZ project is a tribute to Ryde

Cllr Diana Conyers, Ryde Town Council

“I’m a relative newcomer to the Isle of Wight. When I decided to move to the Island five and a half years ago, I chose Ryde partly because of the easy access to the mainland but also because it appeared...

Pride in Ryde

Cllr Michael Lilley, Mayor, Ryde Town Council

“Ryde has always had a history of quirky, independent shops. Liz Earle built an international brand from her shop in Union Street and we even had a Dr Who shop that was world famous. “I can remember we used to...

Introducing us!

Sally & Martin

We thought we'd kick off the blog by introducing ourselves, we are Sally and Martin, Project Managers for the Ryde and Newport High Streets Heritage Action Zones respectively. Working with partners, stakeholders and community groups, we’ll be unlocking the potential...