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Spring Windows, 12th-19th April

‘Spring Windows’ shine a creative light on Ryde’s High Street heritage.

Three organisations in Ryde are creating window installations to celebrate the High Street’s rich cultural Heritage. Creative commissions have been given to Shademakers UK, the New Carnival Company and Network Ryde with artists Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy, to undertake the creation of bespoke heritage themed art installations to go into three High Street shop fronts. The artists have been tasked to respond and celebrate the heritage, legacy and culture of the High Street and/or the specific history of the buildings they are using.
The window installations will be on display starting from 12th April until the 19th April to coincide with easing of lockdown restrictions and opening up of retail in the town. It is hoped that this scheduling will help foster a Spring optimism within the town and boost attention to the High Street at this time.

Staggered reveal of windows are as follows:

The New Carnival Company in the Aspire window – 12th April to the 19th April
This window will showcase the origins of Ryde Carnival and the strong and inspiring carnival heritage of the town.

Shademakers UK in the former Elizabeth Packs windows – 14th April to the 19th April
This installation will highlight the story of this significant building from 1860 when it was ‘Woods and Wilkins’ through to its days as ‘Elizabeth Packs’ and up until present day as it undertakes an exciting new cultural use and chapter in the town.

Teresa Grimaldi and Sarah Vardy in 147 Network Ryde window – 16th April to the 19th April
Network Ryde’s window will host an installation that is a continuation of a previous fabulous community engagement project that explored the life and work of former inhabitant Charles Dimmick. He was a nineteenth century plantsman and this creation will link to the Island’s oldest carnival flower floats.

Don’t miss your chance to see the installations and please remember to social distance when viewing. For those that can’t visit in person a short film is being made to highlight the making and historical references of the installations and will be available on the after the displays.

The HAZ project would like resident’s feedback on the Spring Windows and there will be an online questionnaire available via and a QR code on the windows. Comments can also be emailed to [email protected]
Ryde’s ‘Spring Windows’ is funded via Historic England’s HAZ Cultural Programme Pilot Fund.

For further information contact Hannah George: [email protected]