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Minster Market Quarter

What is the Minster Market Quarter project?

Giving the area around the town’s two historic squares a clear identity and celebrating the heritage of these important public spaces is the key aim of this project. It will dovetail with the People First Zone project to create a higher quality environment, with improvements for pedestrians, greening and heritage interpretation. It also provides a key theme for other elements of the HAZ including the Cultural programme. Initial activity will concentrate on delivering the People First Zone, then this will be built on with new heritage interpretation in the squares. We will be working in partnership with the Minster to link in with their project to restore the Minster and make it more accessible as a central part of Island life and our built heritage.

Why create a minster market quarter?

One of the key findings of the Shaping Newport place plan report was that Newport had lost much of its sense of identify. This project seeks to build on the historic character of the town and bring the squares back to life, with a focus on their heritage significance but also their relevance to modern life. Ultimately we’d like to see more “quarters” in the town, each bringing something unique and distinct to rebuild the character of Newport.

Project Locations