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Ryde Public Realm Strategy

A plan for making our public spaces better

With so many exciting plans for Ryde being formulated as part of the Heritage Action Zone project, it’s worth noting our Public Realm Strategy is designed to guide regeneration proposals for the town.

The strategy lays out details for improving the look and feel of the town’s public spaces.

It has two specific purposes: The first is to provide a public realm template against which specific enhancements in the town can be designed and assessed.

The second is to provide a wider context for the delivery of the Ryde Townscape Heritage Initiative which is jointly being pursued by English Heritage, The Ryde Development Trust and the Isle of Wight Council.

Good design can help to create successful places where people will choose to live, work, invest and take their leisure. It can reinforce planning goals, making urban areas such as Ryde more sustainable by encouraging the careful use of resources, creating a quality environment, attracting business and investment and reinforcing civic pride and sense of place. It is also important to consider cause and effect throughout the town and across all aspects of infrastructure, development and social and economic provision. Conversely, piecemeal and uncoordinated initiatives can damage the character and integrity of a town.

It goes into detail on everything from street furniture and seating to paving and surfaces.

You can see the full document here.