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Newport Shopfront Improvement Scheme

What is the shopfront improvement scheme?

The Newport HAZ Shopfront Improvement Scheme ran from 2021 to 2024 and helped restore or rebuild historic shop fronts in the High Street. Grant funding was available to support high quality schemes which enhance the area that followed the principals of the Commercial Frontages Design Guide.

Business owners were invited to submit an expression of interest and then were prioritised by a grant panel consisting of members from all three HAZ funding partners (Historic England, Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council and Isle of Wight Council). They were prioritised based on the impact that the works would have on the high street.

In order to quality for a shopfront grant:

  • The application must come from whoever has repairing responsibility for the building.
  • The applicant must either own the freehold or a lease of at least 3 years.
  • The property must be within the Newport HAZ core investment area (as above)
  • Proposed works must enhance the conservation area
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate their commitment to ongoing maintenance and repair of the property to a high standard after works are completed.
  • Grants are designed to support improvements for owners/occupiers with an ongoing commitment to their building and the town. Grants must be repaid if the building is sold within 3 years of completion of works

Grants were awarded for up to 80% of the works cost, with designs being produced by ERMC architects.



104 & 105 St James Square

This project has seen a former betting shop that was vacant for a number of years. A conversion of the larger unit saw two smaller shopfronts created. This was a challenge for the architects who worked with the IWC’s conservation officer to ensure that the design complied with the Commercial Frontages Design Guide.

We’re delighted with the finished shopfronts and they make such a difference to St James’ Square, being is a prominent position within our County town.

Project Location