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Newport Shopfront Improvement Scheme

What is the shopfront improvement scheme?

Over time our town’s street scene has been degraded through poor-quality modifications to shopfronts. We are aiming to encourage more property owners to restore and maintain historic shopfronts, and ensure modern frontages enhance the conservation area and complement the surrounding historic buildings.


How do I get grant funding?

Grant funding is available for suitable enhancement projects, covering 80% of costs. If you own/lease a shop in our core investment area (and have maintenance responsibility) and would like to find out more or put your property forward for grant funding then please read our guidance here and submit an expression of interest through our online form. The form does not commit you to anything, rather it will be the start of a conversation about what could be done to improve your frontage.

How can I get involved?

We’re always on the look out for historic images of shops. If you have photos of the town centre streets that could help do please get in touch. Alternatively you can share them on our Newport 360 historic image site.

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