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Heritage Action ZoneNewport

About the
Newport project

Newport is the historic market town of the Isle of Wight and is home to some remarkable historic buildings, a medieval street pattern and two market squares. Sadly it is suffering from retail decline, empty shops and some buildings are rundown and showing serious signs of decay. Traffic dominates many parts of the town and the quality of public spaces could be much improved.

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People First Zone

The People First Zone seeks to create an environment in the town centre that puts the needs of people first. We are aiming to create high-quality spaces where people can move around freely and easily, stop and browse in shop windows or chat to a friend.

Newport Shopfront Improvement Scheme

Support is available to help restore historic shopfronts in the town centre. We aim to work proactively with building owners to develop improvement schemes.

Design Guide

A design guide for commercial frontages has been created to help people restore traditional shopfronts and create frontages on modern buildings that are of a high standard of design and complement nearby historic buildings, creating a coherent, interesting, diverse and attractive streetscape.

Back to Life

No-one likes to see empty buildings. This project will work to bring disused or underused buildings back into use, improving the vibrancy of the town centre and protecting heritage buildings.

The Guildhall

The Guildhall is an iconic building in need of restoration and repurposing. An ongoing project aims to bring forward plans to breathe new life into the building.

Footfall Data

Monthly reports for each town show changes in visitor numbers and behaviour and provide useful insights into how people use the town centres.

Newport 360

Newport 360 gives you the chance to take a look around historic Newport. We’re collecting user submitted photographs and putting them on the map, so you can virtually wander round the town and look at how it used to be

Minster Market Quarter

Celebrating the rich history of the central core of the town, bringing the historic market areas and Newport Minster alive and enhancing the local distinctiveness of this part of the town.


You can also find additional downloads within individual project pages.

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