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About the Newport project

Newport High Streets Heritage Action Zone

Newport is the historic market town of the Isle of Wight and is home to some remarkable historic buildings, a medieval street pattern and two market squares.

Sadly it is suffering from retail decline, empty shops and some buildings are rundown and showing serious signs of decay. Traffic dominates many parts of the town and the quality of public spaces could be much improved.

Through the High Streets Heritage Action Zone we will seek to build on the work already carried out by the community to shape the regeneration of the town. Working with partners, we will also look to make the High Street a place that everybody living here wants to use and visit, and to increase residential accommodation within the town centre.

Improvements will be made to the High Street and St James’ Square, creating the first part of a ‘people first zone’, as well as funding design guidance to ensure future development improves the area’s historic character. Studies will consider what’s needed to bring empty buildings and space into new use and a limited number of key buildings will receive grant funding to restore their historic appearance and bring vitality back into the town centre.

Shaping Newport

The Newport HAZ is part of Shaping Newport’s programme of actions to regenerate the town. Shaping Newport is a partnership between The Isle of Wight Council Regeneration team, Newport Business Association, and Newport and Carisbrooke Community Council. You can find out about Shaping Newport’s other activities on their Facebook Page.

Design Guide: get involved!

To help improve the standards of shopfront design and maintenance of building frontages in the town centre we have commissioned the production of a new guidance document.

The guide will be a key part of our shopfront improvement initiatives, setting a standard for what will be acceptable for grant-supported improvements. It is anticipated it will also be adopted as a supplementary planning document (SPD) to ensure changes to frontages in the future mean the design and conservation standards our heritage town centre deserves.

Click here to pin your likes and dislikes on Newport’s commercial streets via the Create Communities online platform. It only takes seconds to answer!

More about the design guide here

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