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Ryde Shopfront Improvement Scheme

How can I get involved in the Ryde Shopfront Improvement Scheme?

If you are a building owner in the High Street area of Ryde and would like to restore a shopfront then please get in contact with us via our Ryde Building Improvement Grants page, where you can apply to be considered for a grant. We are not anticipating providing grants through a bidding system rather we intend to work with property owners to identify suitable buildings and find the best approach to supporting each initiative.

Anyone is welcome to respond, however the Design Guide will be of particular interest to building owners, architects, urban designers and planners.  The Consultation period will take place over six weeks from 25th November, 2021 to 6th January 2022.

What is the Ryde Shopfront Improvement Scheme?

The project will help restore or rebuild historic shop fronts in Ryde’s High Street. Grant funding will be available to support high quality schemes which enhance the area.

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