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St. Mary’s Catholic Church Buildings

Master Plan - former Convent School, Ryde

The aim is that ideas for the regeneration of the former Convent School and derelict buildings located to the rear of St Mary’s Catholic Church in Ryde High Street are identified and evidence is prepared for future bidding opportunities to potentially enable future acquisition and fund raising, which could lead to sustainable community use.

A master-plan will be delivered to explore the feasibility for the site, which will outline  options and recommendations for next steps to unlock the potential and realise the opportunities.

There will be full engagement with a  dedicated working group that will be set up by St. Mary’s Catholic Church parish with the support of the Diocese of Portsmouth, to gain valued insights and ideas from the local community and members of the parish.

The masterplan will consider ideas put forward and what ‘the art of the possible’ is for the former Convent School site and derelict buildings at St. Mary’s Church. Consideration will also be given to providing better access to the upper High Street, along with exploring possible community facility requirements and local housing needs.

There may also be an opportunity to potentially include a boutique hotel, to help attract visitors and increase footfall to this part of Ryde.

The masterplan will include establishing the feasibility of widening the pavements in some areas of the upper High Street, in order to increase safety for pedestrians, and to create more space for the community and visitors to enjoy this unique part of the Ryde Heritage Action Zone.

As the plan evolves further, there will be opportunity to input your comments and provide welcome feedback on the findings.


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