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The New Carnival Company CIC

We use carnival and celebratory arts to engage people and communities, to bring out the very best in them, helping them to achieve their creative potential and celebrating with them through the production of excellent outdoor events.

Our Values

We believe that carnival and the celebratory arts have the power to change lives and make a real difference. We have seen this and are driven by this.

Each of our projects is a unique journey. We listen and respond. We are ambitious and resourceful. We strive to produce excellence in the quality of our art, our teaching and the practice of our business.

We create events and learning experiences that engage people at all levels and we always go that extra mile to ensure that personal achievement exceeds expectation.

We love what we do.

Our vision is directed through a range of activities.

The New Carnival Company aims to

  1. Provide an all-year-round programme of carnival workshops, training courses, events and seminars that are strategic, responsive and progressive.
  2. Stage at least two large scale and ambitious outdoor events annually which will provide a shop window for local and visiting artists’ work and will inspire their audiences.
  3. Create opportunities for international touring, collaboration and artist exchanges to raise the quality and diversity of work across the sector.
  4. Deliver an outreach programme in rural and hard-to-reach communities to engage new audiences.
  5. Offer support to emerging artists and organisations to help them realise their potential through apprenticeship, mentoring and work experience schemes.
  6. Support regional and national carnival development by working in partnership with other arts organisations, institutions and creative partners.
  7. Embrace latest technologies and innovation to pursue excellence in the field.
  8. Promote business development and opportunities within the sector


Chris Slann
The New Carnival Company
The Coaching House,
13B Union Road,
Isle of Wight,
PO33 2ER