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Newport 360


Newport 360 gives you the chance to take a look around historic Newport. We’re collecting user submitted photographs and putting them on the map, so you can virtually wander round the town and look at how it used to be

Ryde Shopfront Improvement Scheme

The project will help restore or rebuild historic shop fronts in Ryde’s High Street. Grant funding will be available to support high quality schemes which enhance the area.

The Guildhall


The Guildhall is an iconic building in need of restoration and repurposing. An ongoing project aims to bring forward plans to breathe new life into the building.

Ryde Delivery Questionnaire

We are keen to hear from property owners and businesses operating in the High Street about current delivery and collection arrangements.

Getting local people involved in what their streets will look like

Ryde High Street

Urban planner Richard Eastham from the design practice Feria Urbanism will be creating an innovative way for local people to get fully involved in plans for Ryde’s High Street update.